Materials and design details are available at the garage door

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Traditionally, in the garage door is boring. Fortunately, in this area, everything is becoming more exciting. Designers come up with new looks, and product developers find ways to make new models more effective in various ways. One thing is certain – today's options are very different from what many homeowners bought just 10 years ago!

Steel is generally considered the most durable material. Rust protection is in the form of a baked primer and a polyester top coat, which is a common occurrence. The tree is not as popular as before; however, many homeowners who are looking for an individual design choose this material that is friendly to artisans. These models require more frequent maintenance, such as regular dyeing or painting. Plastic becomes more popular option of material. These doors are light and durable, and also incredibly easy to clean. Another remarkable feature is that they will not rust or rot, as steel and wood do.

Brands offer various warranties for different models and types of materials. Steel garage doors often have a warranty of 15 years or more, some of which even have a limited lifetime warranty. Guarantees for plastic doors coincide with the guarantees of many steel models, often not counting 20 years. On the contrary, wooden options can have a warranty of just a year. Custom options may vary and may have a full lifetime warranty or more basic coverage for several years.

Many homeowners prefer to install two single garage doors instead of a large two-car garage. This may mean more efficient energy consumption. These modern models retain heat during the cold winter months and valuable cool air in hot weather. This means cost savings and a more comfortable temperature in the garage to greet you at home after a long dayโ€™s work or running errands.

These days more and more high-quality customizable options appear on the market. Artificial wood trim is one of the most popular types, which is both practical and unique. Doors in the style of the coach house are also gaining popularity, as young homeowners show their admiration for their appearance, which reflects the style of housing many years ago. Some manufacturers also expand their product lines to include additional parts, such as shutters and entrance doors. These new options allow homeowners to have some fun when they buy a garage door and add visual appeal to their property.