Get rid of annoying pimples and pimples (I know what a pretty name for this article!)

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Have you ever had a really sore spot on your skin? Almost everyone worries at one time or another. Here are some tips that you can try to make your skin soft and beautiful, and most importantly – no stains! WooHoo! We ended up with you, silly flaws, or, like another particularly angry woman in a very famous play, can say, “Damn, damn!” Hahaha! Yes, I'm full of great ideas and horrible jokes, but if you laugh and find a medicine that really works for you, and then share it with a friend, wouldn't the whole world look better? Lol!

I made this discovery some time ago, and I can't believe how well it works. As with everything, try these ideas on your own …

There are so many “solutions” for problem skin (especially acne) on different shows and in all kinds of articles, but most of them end in “see your Dermatologist, but I assume that the vast majority of people do not have regular (or any …) access to a dermatologist, so I think there is a place for my little ideas. Pass on the information if you know someone to whom it may be useful!

Go to your pharmacy or local pharmacy and walk past the aisle about skin care. That's right, I said it. Pass by! Now get rid of any shame you may have, and go to the Foot Fungus section (for an athlete's foot) or the ever-popular Vaginal Itch section. .. still with me? Stop clinging, still ?? Come on, now this tool really works! Do you want to get any cheapest tube of any product with clotrimazole cream, USP 1% or miconazole nitrate 2%. Seriously! I tell you, try this week and see if you notice a huge difference in your skin. Worth trying, right? I spoke with my pharmacist about this, and she laughed and said that they have known this for years, so just in case I am not the last to know too, go and try. These creams are an order of magnitude cheaper than those that you find in a normal skin care aisle, and, in my opinion, much more effective.

Still here? haha After you try it, you will not think that it is so bad in the end … and you can even walk to the wart section (this is a good time to make sure that nobody even attracts you remotely) to watch behind you! laughs!) and see if you can find a wart wand. No kidding. It looks like a stick, but it does have a very high concentration of acetylsalicylic acid, which is very useful for healing the skin, but never causes any “open wound” (I hope that you don’t eat dinner while reading) this!).

If you feel overly brave, and God punished you with a Skin Tag for some unknown reason (I'm joking, just kidding … God probably doesn't punish you … I don't I really don't know what bad things you could have done last week, I just assume that maybe you had a little fun in your life, and now you have these damn skins out of nowhere … and you are afraid to be cut off into some kind of surgical procedure, so if this is the case, you can use a small amount of “wax” in the stick for more Okay, put it neatly on the skin tag and just let it dissolve. Oooh, sounds so cute!

Aspirin: Here's what to do: put a couple of teaspoons of aspirin into a teaspoon and add a tiny drop of water. Put it at the sink or a minute and it will completely dissolve. Put on enough to cover the stain and let it dry. Leave it overnight if it is a particularly sore spot. If you like, you can mix it with a little of your favorite skin cream. and then apply it to the area. You will immediately notice a significant difference in your skin!

I also tried it in a mask by mixing dissolved aspirin (any kind – the coating will not matter) with some liquid antibacterial soap. It really tightens pores. Be especially careful not to get it in your eyes!

If you want, you can dissolve a whole aspirin (Bayer dissolves with the smoothest texture …) in a small container (well, this is plumbing) part, but only because I have a lot of plumbing parts around the house, on account "I'm in construction!). A small handful of aspirin – they are cheap, so use as much as you like.

In any case, I use them as a regular facial scrub, now – just dig a little dissolved aspirin and water in the palm of your hand and add some liquid soap. Removes all makeup or dirt (man / woman … everything on your face!). Again, make sure that you do not get it into your eyes, and then moisturize the skin. Very refreshing. Be sure to moisturize your skin after any of these small “procedures.”

An even lighter FaceScrub with a small amount of baking soda, put it on your palm and add a little liquid soap. Use to clean your face very neatly, but not very often, because you want to stay young for as long as possible, so it seems like a bad idea to remove the facial cells and that is not so often, right? lol!

I like “experimenting” with different things, so if there is something else (nothing internal, of course …!), On which you think it might work, try it. You can always wash it off immediately if you experience any discomfort.

Here's something else I tried, it worked – I put a little hydrogen peroxide on a small disposable cotton pad, cleaned it with a face, as if you were using any facial treatment. Toner, and I could not believe what has changed for my own skin in about 10 days.

Do this every night before bed, and then every morning when you get up (if you do not have dry skin), and you will be surprised at how great your skin will look and feel. After 30 days you will see a noticeable difference, then it will become a habit for life! (Oh, and be extremely careful not to get close to your eyes!)

Use hydrogen peroxide as a toner for your face – it's great! It really cleanses your skin and cleanses your pores, which is always good, right? You will see an incredible improvement in your skin within 10 days! Simply apply it with a small cotton swab. After that, apply a moisturizer on your face … I use Lubriderm hand lotion, because it is one of the few moisturizers for which I have no allergies …) It is convenient to have any cuts and scratches in the first-aid kit. You can buy hydrogen peroxide at any department store or pharmacy – it costs about 97 cents a bottle – very cheap for an incredibly useful product!

Herpes (or anything in this family …) – apply Dissolved aspirin and a small amount of vitamin E, aloe vera gel or any antiviral gel sold over-the-counter. You will be shocked by how quickly he leaves.

My favorite new product is a transparent aloe vera gel – I think you can buy it at the pharmacy. This material is amazing for your skin … At first I got it from sunburns (because I read in the pool and got an annoying burn … you would think that I would know better now, right? Haha!) [19659002] I have the worst time with allergies, and now I can only use completely non-flavored items (with the exception of citrus fruits, which I'm still fine with!). This site has all sorts of useful products for people like me!

When we first had Tia (our tiny dog), I had a very bad allergic reaction to it, but we all loved her sooo very much, I went in search of a product that can help, and I found one – Allerpet / d (Allerpet, Inc., Farnam Pet Products). You simply rub it into your animal (cover all the fur …), and any "pet smell" disappears. The strange thing is that we only had to do it several times during the first two years, and then rarely – after that … this stuff really works!

Hair tip: one of the best hair conditioners that I have tried over the years with natural olive oil. I have really long, and some may say, crazy hair, so it is well suited to tame crazy hair – or just to have regular hair beautiful and smooth!

Pour some olive oil into a water bottle with a hinged lid. It's easier to deal with this … and you can leave everything you don't use right in the bathroom. In any case, hang a towel over your shoulders and pour olive oil directly on the ends of your hair and add it to saturation. I never cut my hair, as they themselves seem normal.

If you're lucky enough to live in a hot climate, jump out in the sun so that the oil soaks into your hair, otherwise just spend some time at the computer or reading while your hair has a pleasant “oil soak.” I usually leave them for an hour.

Wash them with a small amount of shampoo, then follow the usual conditioner. Watch how you walk, as the oil can be slippery when you wash your hair. This is when you might want to rethink your old plan to drink your way in an hour of waiting … yes, ha!

It makes my hair extremely curly, for one reason or another … it makes it look like I have no life at all, and I sat all day, curling my hair in curls … what I swear, although I hardly have some kind of Life, I can't be bothered by so much work on my hair. I am ready to comb it, although I do it right after the treatment, and then I remember everything else. This is the level of special care I give “Fancy Grooming”!

In any case, it really works, and it is very inexpensive. And you can use the remaining olive oil with a little vinegar and some spices for the perfect marinade that you could eat for dinner! See how practical?